Favorite Singers/Recordings

Everyone has their favorites - I have various reasons for my favorites. At the moment I'm listening to Amalia Rodriguez, a Fado singer from Portugal. The technique for this kind of singing is almost antithetical to what I teach for classical singing, and hauntingly beautiful in its own right. Amalia Rodriguez sings straight from the gut with absolute passion. The form is similar to other Spanish and Flamenco-influenced music, which I fell in love with as a kid. I also love classical Spanish guitar - Andres Segovia, The Romeros, etc.

One of my all time favorite sopranos is Eleanor Steber. As a kid I never really knew why I favored her, but now I know it was because she's always properly aligned on that vertical axis. Perfect. There is a recording of Ellen Faull out on VAI of radio broadcasts she did, and you can hear that same perfect alignment, all the time. It's beautiful. If I remember right Ellen did each show on about 2 weeks lead time, so all the arias you hear on this recording had about 2 weeks preparation. Can you do that??! I find it very inspiring!!